Our team established the maintenance program at Indiana Estate & Elder Law to encourage clients to proactively keep their documents updated without the fear of surprise legal costs.
After a signing meeting, a client will be enrolled into our maintenance program at no charge. The next year, in the following January or July (depending on the signing meeting date), the client will receive a letter giving them the option to remain in the program or opt out. If they wish to remain in, there is a minimal annual fee. If the client opts out, our team will be happy to assist in the future, though the client may incur a fee.


There are many benefits to the Indiana Estate & Elder Law Maintenance Program. By request, each client is scheduled for an annual meeting with an attorney and/or paralegal to review and/or modify their trust or will documents. These updates are made at no additional charge to the client Maintenance clients also receive exclusive invitations to specialty workshops, are the first-to-know of changes in the law that may impact their planning, and are hosted at a summer and winter appreciation event.
In different phases of life there can be many changes all at once. The maintenance program makes incorporating those changes into your estate plan simple. Whether you are buying a vacation home or downsizing, celebrating birth or mourning loss, accepting an inheritance or making early distributions on your own, you should be able to seamlessly update your wishes. The maintenance program was designed to be the most cost effective option for clients with these needs.


April 2022 – Maintenance Workshop
July 2022 - Customer appreciation event with the Indianapolis Indians
August 2022 – Maintenance Workshop
December 2022: Holiday Party
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There are two types of maintenance fees – those for wills and those for trusts. An invoice is created and mailed in July or September, depending on when the client signed their will or trust. The annual maintenance fee is based on the year the will plan or trust plan was signed. Since our fee schedule has changed and will continue to change over time, clients who enroll in the maintenance program benefit from locking rates at the time of signing. That pricing will be forfeited if a client’s membership lapses. Future enrollments will be set at the current fee schedule.

For example, let’s say you signed a trust with our firm in 2010, and the trust maintenance fee that year was $300. If you have paid an annual maintenance fee each year since, you should still be paying $300 annually to make changes to your trust. However, if you signed a trust in 2010, but let your maintenance membership lapse until 2022, you would pay the current trust rate.