What is ITEFS?

Indiana Trust & Estate Fiduciary Services (“ITEFS”) was created and is managed by Indiana Estate & Elder Law’s Attorney and Partner, Jennifer (“Jenny”) Rozelle. Through ITEFS, Jenny serves in fiduciary roles like:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Executor/Personal Representative
  • Trustee

How ITEFS Began

Jenny started at Indiana Estate & Elder Law in January 2012 and throughout her tenure, many clients have asked her to serve in these types of roles. Every time, the answer was, “I’d rather be the attorney for your Power of Attorney, Executor/Personal Representative, and/or Trustee.” Then, in 2018, Jenny met Elaine. Here’s the story told by Jenny:

Elaine had called Indiana Estate & Elder Law to “get a Will done quickly.” She had received tragic medical news and time was of the essence. When I met with Elaine, we talked for a while and ultimately, she asked if I could serve as her Executor/Personal Representative when she passed away. I was surprised, to say the least, because I had only known her for less than an hour. Though, during our time together, she had shared that she had already lost her husband, only daughter, and her closest family were “estranged cousins across the country.”

I said, “Give me until the end of the day to give you an answer, Elaine.” I left and thought about how I could give her peace of mind and relief when she needed it most, if I said “yes.” So, I called her that evening and (begrudgingly) agreed. The next day, she transitioned into a hospice facility and she passed away about a week later. It was that quick.

Over the course of the next year, I cleaned out and sold her house, worked with the various financial institutions, hired professionals like a realtor, reported to the Court of my actions, and ultimately got her estate funds to her Will’s beneficiaries. I successfully and expeditiously administered her estate – and along the way, I discovered I liked doing it. Call me strange, but I enjoyed the long list of to-dos. It was fulfilling!

Ever since Elaine’s case, Jenny has served in as a fiduciary, like Power of Attorney, Executor/Personal Representative, and/or Trustee, in a plethora of other cases. At the beginning of 2022, Jenny decided to formalize this service by creating ITEFS, which is registered with the State of Indiana and separately insured, to provide comfort and peace of mind for future and present clients of ITEFS.

Who Can Benefit from Using ITEFS?

You may wonder who may find benefit in naming a professional fiduciary, like ITEFS, in their estate plan. We would encourage you to reach out to us to have a specific conversation; however, the following are real-life examples of clients who have named ITEFS in their estate plan:

  • Husband and wife have two kids, but both kids are out of state and “their own lives.”
  • Widowed woman has one child, who is not equipped to handle the legal and financial mechanics of post-death administration;
  • Single man, no children, leaving estate to charitable organizations;
  • Single man, no children, leaving estate to sibling that is out of state;
  • Husband and wife have three kids, but they have a concern that all three will fight if they pick “just one” to serve;
  • Husband and wife, blended family.
  • Husband and wife, one child who has had addiction issues/struggles.

Contact Us!

While you are more than welcome to make contact with ITEFS through Indiana Estate & Elder Law, you are also welcome to contact ITEFS by phone at
317-863-9758 and/or email at