Indiana Estate & Elder Law
Appointment Cancellation/Reschedule Agreement

At Indiana Estate & Elder Law, we have structured processes in place to provide efficient and timely legal counsel to all clients. We understand that scheduling needs may change, however, cancellations, reschedule requests, and failing to show for scheduled appointments disrupt our operations and ability to serve other clients. Therefore, we have implemented the Appointment Cancellation/Reschedule Policy. We respectfully request that you review it below.

For compliance with the Policy, a card on file is required to schedule with Indiana Estate & Elder Law and by doing so, clients not only consent to the Policy, but also acknowledge their card on file may be charged.

The purpose of this policy is to outline and formalize the appointment cancellation and reschedule policy, and outline the procedure for cancellation fees to the applicable clients and situations.

This policy applies to all appointments, except for the Initial Meeting, which include, but not limited to, the following types of appointments: Design Meetings, Signing Meetings, Follow-Up Meetings, and Review Meetings. This policy does not apply to clients enrolled in Indiana Estate & Elder Law’s Maintenance Program.

Indiana Estate & Elder Law recognizes that true emergencies or unforeseen circumstances arise. Simultaneously, the team dedicates time and the firm incurs costs to preparing for appointments. Therefore,  Indiana Estate & Elder Law shall allow the client one (1) cancellation or reschedule request prior to charging the client. In the event of inclement weather, we highly encourage clients to keep their scheduled appointment as we are able to conduct appointments telephonically or virtually.

Policy Statements

Clients are expected to attend all scheduled appointments on time.

Habitual requests to cancel or reschedule an appointment and/or missed appointments (failing to attend scheduled appointment) could result in the termination of our attorney/client relationship. For example, cancelling, rescheduling, or missing three (3) or more appointments in six (6) months or two (2) consecutive appointments may trigger this action.

If a client cancels, reschedules, or fails to attend after the first allowable cancellation or reschedule request (described under “Exceptions”), they shall be charged a $175 fee, no matter the reason.

This policy and the $175 fee also applies even if missing the appointment was an unintentional act.

If clients are more than fifteen (15) minutes late to their scheduled appointment with no communication, Indiana Estate & Elder Law reserves the right to cancel the appointment and client may be subject to the $175 fee.

Clients will not be penalized for any cancellation or reschedule of appointments if initiated by Indiana Estate & Elder Law. 


Clients shall receive this policy and acknowledgement form with their confirmation email through a link to our website. Should a client request correspondence (i.e. confirmation letters) to be mailed to them, Indiana Estate & Elder Law shall print the policy and mail with the confirmation letter.

In order to schedule with Indiana Estate & Elder Law, the client shall put a credit or debit card on file that will be charged if the cancellation policy is not complied with. The credit or debit card number WILL NOT be recorded on paper. Rather, client’s credit or debit card information shall be securely stored in LawPay’s card vault upon intake. This is for compliance and security purposes.

Indiana Estate & Elder Law shall contact a client if they fail to attend their scheduled appointment. Team members may offer to reschedule for another time in the near future. Otherwise, the communication’s purpose is to notify the client that they missed their scheduled appointment.

Indiana Estate & Elder Law Client Services team members are responsible for communicating with clients regarding their scheduled appointments – 1) telephonically, and 2) sending appointment reminders via confirmation letters/emails and text reminders. The text reminders and confirmations will offer links to our website to review the cancellation policy.

Indiana Estate & Elder Law’s Client Services team shall charge the client’s card on file if this policy is not complied with for the $175 fee. Client Services shall send a receipt to the client and in the description of the charge, it shall state either “cancellation fee or no-show fee”  depending on what is appropriate. 

We ask for your cooperation in adhering to this Appointment Cancellation/Reschedule Policy. Failure to comply not only disrupts our operations but also impacts our ability to serve other clients efficiently. By committing to this policy, you contribute to maintaining a professional and respectful environment for all parties involved. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to working with you.