There is a lot of information available online regarding Estate Planning and Elder Law. Sometimes it can be difficult to decipher what information is true, relevant and applies to your personal situation. The Indiana Estate & Elder Law team created this blog in an effort to make accurate and applicable information more accessible. 

Estate Planning & Elder Law Blog

The legal professionals at Indiana Estate & Elder Law have created Estate Planning and Elder Law related blogs to offer their knowledge and experience as it relates to these topics.

Cara's Caregiving Blog

I’m Cara Wagner. I’ve held many professional titles and worked in various industries (including IE&EL), though in this bit of real estate, we’re going to talk about a very different job function….my role as a caregiver. This mini-series has one goal: help others in similar situations feel seen and supported. Maybe even take away a few tips or tricks to the endeavor. I’m happy you have found this little corner of the internet and my sincerest hope is that it gives you peace, grace, and perhaps even joy.