A Message From Jenny

It has been eleven years since I joined Indiana Estate & Elder Law. Like many have experienced in their own careers, I have grown – personally and professionally – in those eleven years. I’m incredibly grateful I am involved in and lead an organization that advocates for continued growth. On that note, I’d like to share some personal and professional news with you.

In 2020 specifically, I had a touch more “free” time than I did before and after the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, there were two separate ideas that came to my mind and instead of pushing them to the side, I acted on both. I can happily share that today, they are no longer just ideas – but things I have created.

First, I created an organization called Indiana Trust & Estate Fiduciary Services, where I serve as Executor, Personal Representative, and Trustee in clients’ estate plans. The purpose is to serve in these roles in a professional capacity for clients/families that may not have anyone to serve in the role(s) -or- for clients/families that do not want to burden their loved ones in serving in the role(s). Feel free to contact me at IndianaFiduciary@gmail.com or at (317) 863-9758.

Second, I started a podcast called Legal Tea Podcast, where I discuss all-things-estate/elder-law in a fun, educational way. When I share “war stories” or “horror stories” with clients, they often say, “Jenny, you should write a book!” Well, instead of writing that book, I turned to talking – which hey, I am good at that! There’s a new episode that drops every Tuesday and is available on all major podcast platforms.

In creating Indiana Trust & Estate Fiduciary Services and Legal Tea Podcast, I underestimated how well they would both take off. So much so, that I “waved the white flag” as I was trying to do my normal work (estate/elder law attorney) and both of these side ventures. I worked with my team to create a world and a calendar to allow me to have intentional time/space to devote to them.

So, beginning in January 2023, I am devoting my Fridays to Indiana Trust & Estate Fiduciary Services and Legal Tea Podcast. Therefore, I am no longer be conducting meetings on Fridays nor will I be actively working on Indiana Estate & Elder Law projects/clients/etc. Please know that in making this change, this will allow all three things (the law firm, fiduciary business, and podcast) to receive high quality service, communication, and results from me.

I appreciate your support and invite you to follow along with Indiana Trust & Estate Fiduciary Services and Legal Tea Podcast on social media channels!


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