It’s Elder Law Month! What is “Elder Law” anyway?

You may have seen the name of our firm, Indiana Estate & Elder Law, and thought to yourself, “What is elder law?” Well, maybe you have or maybe you haven’t, but if you know our firm at all, you know our firm’s name is Indiana Estate & Elder Law. Many times that I walk out of the conference room with … Read More

What is Elder Law and Why is IE&EL So Different?

Elder Law is the area of law that focuses on the issues facing the aging population, and an elder law attorney specializes in helping seniors and their families navigate the complex legal issues associated with aging.  However, it is much bigger than that. Are you in your early thirties, just had a child, and want to make sure that you … Read More

The Perfect Time to Get Your Estate Plan In Order

We, at Indiana Estate and Elder Law, know you are busy, always putting yourself last. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities of work, family, and caretaking.  With so much on your plate, estate planning may seem like a low priority task, something to put off for another day.  However, procrastinating estate planning can have serious consequences, … Read More