With an office in Fishers, Ind., and two satellite offices in Rockville, Ind., and Wabash, Ind., we have gotten to know financial professionals throughout the state. This is an incredible asset as our clients move, need referrals for others, and look for trusted professionals in the areas where they live.

What To Expect

Our marketer will collaborate with you to set up a time to meet with one of our attorneys. Once a date, time, and location are set, the meeting will be set on an attorney’s calendar. Financial Power Partners usually work as accountants, certified public accountants (CPAs), bankers, brokers, financial advisors (FAs) or certified financial planners (CFPs). CTA: Become A Power Partner (Simply send an email titled Become A Power Partner to cara@ieelaw.com.

The First Meeting

When one of our attorneys meets with a Financial Power Partner they want to get to know you – really! Our business is relationship-based and thus, relationship building is part of what we do. If you really like baseball and we have a client who also really likes baseball and is seeking a financial advisor, we know the two of you are more likely to hit it off. These meetings are usually about an hour and are held via telephone, Zoom, or in-person depending on how scheduling works.

The Follow-Up

After the meeting there are usually deliverables. Perhaps our firm owes you some collateral or is adding you to our email list. Maybe you are going to schedule a follow-up appointment in six months to revisit a topic from the meeting.