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Did you know we were formerly Hunter Estate & Elder Law?

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Mary F., Nextdoor

“We were referred to and Hunter Estate & Elder Law on Allisonville for my dad's planning needs. They have been wonderful to work with!”

Debbie S., Nextdoor

“Another big fan of Hunter Estate & Elder Law. In addition to elder law, they also specialize in guardianships and trusts for people with disabilities.”

Lisa M., Nextdoor

“I am a seniors real estate specialist and I have worked closely with Hunter Estate & Elder Law with several of my other real estate clients. I highly recommend them!! They are fantastic and pretty close on Allisonville Road north of 96th St.”

Casey S., Google

“Very friendly and excellent estate planning knowledge. Very thorough and highly recommend.”

Matthew P., Google

““Your elder care and elder law experts!! Incredible resource for the community!””

Robert H., Facebook Reviews

“They are very professional and take a holistic approach to assure they are addressing your concerns. I highly recommend them...”
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WaIt & See
We do law differently.

Trust us when we say that our approach is going to surprise you. Our team is outcome-focused and truly works together to make sure that your goals are met. Here are a few ways that we strive to make your experience memorable.

Free Initial Consultation

Bring us any existing documents and arrive ready to share your goals. Our attorneys will review your unique situation and make recommendations. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t going to serve you long-term.

Transparent Pricing

Our fees are project-based and not hourly. After your initial consultation you will know what legal options are available to you and how much they will cost.

Team Collaboration

Each member of our team operates in a specific role. They lend their knowledge and skill to various parts of your planning as needed. Together, our teamwork makes your dream work!

One Year of Maintenance

Estate plans include one year of fee-free maintenance. Have you changed your mind about a designation? Did a beneficiary’s name change? Will you be selling or purchasing property? After one year you may opt to continue in our maintenance program.

Explore & LEARN
through our workshops.

Frequently throughout the year attorneys with Indiana Estate & Elder Law will host workshops to educate prospective clients, families and professionals. Topics frequently rotate and help answer our most asked estate and elder law questions.

Seats fill up fast – reserve yours today!

So what is
Estate Planning?


If you are at least 18 years old, you can begin estate planning! A common misconception is that you need lots of stuff or to be approaching the end of your life to get use out of these documents. The truth is that these forms are prepared while you are living to explain how your wellbeing should be managed if you are to become incapacitated or how your estate will be distributed after you pass.

It is not always the case that these documents are prepared months or years in advance – sometimes certain files are prepared in the “eleventh hour” depending on a client’s capacity or soundness. Estate planning includes documents such as a power of attorney (POA), healthcare proxy or healthcare representative (healthcare POA), living will declaration, last will and testament, and trusts.


And what are the differences of
Elder Law?

Regardless of your age, when you have a life changing medical event that will or does cause you to require physical or financial assistance, elder law often becomes the focus. Each year you age and don’t decide what happens to your wellbeing or stuff (as in estate planning) drastically limits the options for medical and financial assistance available later. That doesn’t mean there isn’t hope; simply put, the best scenarios for your goals may no longer be available.

Perhaps you do not have an advocate or asset protection documents – meeting with our attorneys at an initial consultation may help you regain footing to best move forward. This area of practice includes documents such as Guardianships, long-term care planning, Medicaid benefits (or Medicaid planning), Veteran’s benefits and assistance, or death administration (the process of moving assets through probate).

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